The Bulgarian Association of University Women



Sashka Georgieva
The Pagan Property Rights and Women in Mediaeval Bulgaria
Tsvetelin Stepanov, Georgi Kazakov
The Mediaeval Eschatological Texts and Woman’s Images on the Balkans
Svetlana Ivanovo
About the Formal Marital Status of Women in the Central- European Ottoman Territories (15th-19th C.)
Olga Todorova
Prostitution in Bulgarian Lands during the Early Ages of the Ottoman Rule
Moreen Bell (UK)
Women and Work in Early Modern England: Women in the Book Trade
Lucienne Thys-Senocak (Turkey)
Seddulbahir and Kumkale: The Architectural Patronage of a Valide Sultan
Raina Gavrilova
Between Private and Public: Bulgarian Women during the 19th C.
Margarita Cholakova
International Contacts of Bulgarian Women’s Movement: 1850s-1870s
Barbara Reeves-Elington (USA)
Petko Slaveikov’s Daughters
June Purvis (UK)
Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928) and Votes for Women
Gizela Bock (Germany)
Women’s Voting Rights – Germany around 1900 in a Comparative Perspective
Efi Avdela (Greece)
Between Vocation and Rights: the Changing Meanings of Citizenship in Greece
Krassimira Daskalova
The Meanings of Citizenship: Citizens and Citizens’ Rights in Bulgaria (1878-1944)
Andrea Feldman (Croatia)
Fortelling a Hungry Year: Women and the Ideology of Yugoslavism (1918-1939)
Irina Genova
Women-Painters in Bulgaria in the First Half of the 20th Century: Education and Participation in the Creative Life
Lyubinka Stoilova
Women in Bulgarian Architecture between the World Wars
Andrea Peto (Hungary)
Hungarian Jewish Women between Holocaust and Stalinism. Hungarian Jewish Women’s Organizations in the Post-War Hungary (1945-1951)
Iliana Marcheva
Bulgarian Women during the Communism
Dobrinka Parusheva
War in the Balkans: Women’s Perspective