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International Conference

International Conference The Twentieth International Conference of the International Federation for Research in Women’s History entitled “Women, Gender and the Cultural Production of Knowledge” was held in Sofia from 8th August till 12th August 2007. The main organizer of the conference was the Bulgarian Association of University Women together with Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. [...]

Honarary Members

Honarary Members In June 2006 BAUW awarded an honorary membership to Prof. Dr. IVANKA SVETOSLAVOVA AKRABOVA-ZHANDOVA, historian of art, well-known archeologist and researcher, who worked at the Archeological Museum, Sofia and the Bulgarian Academy of Science for a long time. The honorary membership was given to her to commemorate her 95 birthday. She became member [...]

Documentary Exposition

Documentary Exposition The documentary exposition “Women’s Movement in Bulgaria (1901-1950)” organized by the Bulgarian Association of University Women (BAUW) and the General Department of Archives at the Council of Ministers to celebrate the 80th anniversary of BAUW was opened on 27th May, 2005 in Hall “Archives” (5 Moskovska Str., Sofia). The exposition was compiled and [...]

New Journal

A New Journal Aspasia. International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History, vol. 1, 2007, Berghahn Journals At the beginning of 2007 the first volume of Aspasia, a new journal for Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European women’s and gender history came out. It is edited by Francisca de Haan (Central European [...]

Open Lecture

Open Lecture On 11th November 2006, an open lecture was delivered by the Chairwoman of BAUW, Assoc. Prof. Krassimira Daskalova, on “Women’s Movements and Feminisms in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe” in the hall of the Sofia City Gallery where the art exhibition “Presences/Absences” was shown. The lecture was followed by the launching of A [...]

New Book

27th January 2006 On 27th January 2006 the new book A Biographical Dictionary of Women’s Movements and Feminisms. Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe: 19th – 20th Centuries, edited by De Haan, Fr., Kr. Daskalova, A.Loutfi. Budapest, New York: CEU Press was launched in Budapest. The Editors: Francisca de Haan is Professor of Gender Studies at [...]

Round Table

27th January 2006 On 28th May 2005 a round table “Feminism and Feminisms” organized by BAUW as part of the events to mark the 80th anniversary of the organization and its joining of the IFUW was held at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Milena Kirova, Krassimira Daskalova, Ralitsa Muharska, Kornelia Slavova, Irina Genova, Reneta Roshkeva, [...]

Art Exposition