The Bulgarian Association of University Women

The Balkans


Renata Salecl
Why is a Woman a Symptom of Human Rights?
Rada Ivekovic
Women, Nationalism and War: “Make Love, Not War”
Marina Blagojevic
Misogyny: Invisible Causes, Painful Consequences
Madalina Nicolaescu
Generating New Definitions of Feminine Identity
Mihaela Miroiu
State Men, Market Women: The Effects of Left Conservatism on Gender Politics in Romanian Transition
Maria Todorova
Historical Tradition and Transformation: Women’s Issues or Feminist Issues?
Krassimira Daskalova
Representation of Women in Bulgarian History Textbooks
Kornelia Slavova
Women’s Identities Between the Local and the Global: A View from Eastern Europe and the Third World
Peggy Watson
Gender and Politics in Postcommunism
Susan Gal and Gail Kligman
Dilemmas of Public and Private
Julia Kristeva
The Meaning of Equality